Body Dryer

Stay Dry! Stay Fresh!

It is more important to dry than washing.

Ozwind is a new concept body dryer which helps maintain skin healthy by thoroughly drying up leftover water after shower, leaving it clean and refreshed.

  1. 1. Double refreshment after shower

    Super-fast air shower on anti-bacteria plate for optimal refreshment.

    • - Enjoy putting on clothes with refreshed feeling after shower
    • - Sleep soft and fresh.
  2. 2. Maintain skin healthy and clean

    Protect your body from skin disease with millions of negative ions and moist removal

    • - Dry up your foot to prevent athlete‚Äôs foot and eczema.
    • - Prevent malodor and bacteria by removing moisture in body.
    • - Dry up your body with negative ion fresh air rather than prone-to-pollution towel.
  3. 3. Cost saving

    Protect your body from skin disease with millions of negative ions and moist removal

    • - Now, just one towel is good nough.
    • - Save water and body shampoo, be eco-friendly.
    • - Cost saving for public place with lot of towel use.

Fresh body dryer, OZWIND

Strong air shower wind from Ozwind is composed of negative ions for super fast fresh wind based on nozzle configuration based on optimal fluid mechanism. This offers refreshment after shower, must have item for preventing various skin disease.

Product Features

  • Heater, wind strength control
  • LED display
  • Easy cleaning with detachable plate
  • Automatic body sensing
  • Leakage sensor
  • Anti-bacteria materials
  • Slip-resistance


  • Model No.: BD-PH6130 / BD-VH4130 / BD-VN3130
  • Power: AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption:
    BD-PH6130(natural wind : 340W, heating : 1,200W)
    BD-VH4130(natural wind : 340W, heating : 1,200W)
    BD-VN3130(natural wind : 430W)
  • Maximum load: 150Kg
  • Size 434 x 499 x 180mm
  • Weight : 8.5Kg

Continuous changing and innovation based on quality control

Ozwind will try its best efforts to make bright future with continuous development and quality improvement, achieving optimal customer satisfaction.

  • Patent No. 10-1722260
  • KC Safety Approval
  • Anti-bacteria test report
  • Patent No. 10-0948030
  • Patent No. 10-0983223
  • Test Report